Client Testimonials

Trukai Industries

Trukai is the largest importer of rice in Papua New Guinea. Last year over 230,000 tonnes of rice was imported, to be milled into finished product for sale in the local FMCG market. This equates to over 9,000 TEU for the year.

To move these sorts of volumes requires partnering with like-minded companies, who realise that service, timeliness, and attention to detail are the keys to success, in a demanding environment such as PNG.

Express Freight Management has been working with Trukai Industries in all facets of their supply chain, in terms of customs clearance, trucking of containers between Trukai’s site, short and long term storage, as well as assisting in fumigation of raw materials.

EFM’s ability to react quickly to changes within Trukai’s production schedule, and ‘can do’ attitude allows a seamless transaction between the harsh reality of trucking product in PNG, and the need to continuously provide a superior product to the PNG marketplace.

With economic market conditions in PNG plateauing post-LNG, Trukai is continually striving to bring innovation into our business, to ensure costs are kept low. EFM has been more than willing to work with Trukai in a number of areas within the business, to ensure the supply chain costs are controlled, and redundancy is minimised.

I would be more than happy to recommend EFM’s services to any large corporates in PNG, who are looking for cost down solutions, with a high level of service, understanding, and integrity within the PNG marketplace.

Dayne Quayle
Inbound Logistics Manager
Trukai Industries Limited

Zenag Chicken

Zenag Chicken is an industry leader in the manufacturing of poultry products within Papua New Guinea and has been in operation in PNG since 1946 with a strong focus on providing our customers with the best quality poultry products at an affordable price.

Zenag imports over 2000TEUs of cargo annually in order to achieve our production targets. Zenag engages Express Freight Management in Lae to clear these goods from the wharf, transport and store these large volumes of FCLs before being delivered to our farm at Zenag.

EFM transports our FCLs from the wharf to EFMs storage facility in Lae where it is held and different lines of feed are made available to transport to our Farm as production requires. As well as this, EFM provides transport from the Zenag deport to Lae wharf for coastal shipping of our various poultry products.

We have been working with EFM for several years and have experienced firsthand their exceptional dedication to servicing their customers to their utmost ability by providing effective freight management solutions.

Due to their strong focus on communication, ongoing development of operating procedures which enables them to maximise efficiencies and the ability to provide flexible solutions when we are experiencing external challenges, Express Freight Management has been able to continuously provide a ‘complete supply chain solution’ and react quickly to changes within Zenag’s production schedule.

I would be more than happy to recommend EFM’s services to any company in PNG, especially those within the manufacturing field. We have found EFM to have a high level of integrity, strong communication and a commitment to innovation within the logistics industry in PNG.

Stan Leahy
Operations Manager
Zenag Chicken

Sea Freight

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Land Transport

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Air Freight

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